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Parking Mode Overview

A119 V3 &
A129 DUO
A129 PRO


Parking Mode MenuVIOFO’s Advanced Parking Mode offers true parking mode recording with or without the HK3ACC Hardwire Kit. Users can now take advantage of VIOFO’s advanced parking mode using only the 2-wire cigarette lighter cable depending on the vehicle’s make and model. This in itself opens up the realm of affordable and easy security while parked. Not all vehicle’s have the ability to power devices with the cigarette lighter port while the vehicle is off.  Please check your owners manual before deciding on which power kit to use.

Powering your camera for parking mode using the cigarette lighter cable can drain your vehicle’s battery. Consider purchasing a 3-Way Cigarette Lighter Splitter for Low Voltage Cut-off.



Parking Mode Recording is the ability to continue recording while the vehicle’s engine is off using the vehicle’s battery power or external source such as an auxiliary battery as a power source. The primary method for parking mode recording used by many dash cameras in the industry today is Time-Lapse Recording which is many photos captured every 1-to-2 seconds for the entire duration when the vehicle is parked. Once complete, the camera would compile the images together to form a frame-by-frame video.



With VIOFO’s new advanced parking mode recording, it’s now possible to select from three options including a new recording method called Auto Event Detection.

auto event detection recording viofo1) Auto Event Detection Recording

This intelligent self-detecting feature allows the camera to automatically initiate recording when triggered by a motion or collision event.

time lapse recording viofo2) Time Lapse Recording

This method conserves space on the SD card by taking still-frame photos for the entire parking duration. Photos are then stung together to compile a frame-by-frame video. Frequency of still-frame photos can be selected through the camera’s menu.

low bitrate recording viofo3) Low Bitrate Recording

This method of recording also conserves space on the SD card but is less efficient. Low bitrate recording decreases the quality of the video to maximize the recording quantity. On a 64GB card, normally the SD card can save up to 5 hours of continuous footage for a two-channel camera. When low bit-rate is active, the camera can then save up to 15 hours on the SD card oppose to 5 hours.



Pre-Buffer Recording

True parking mode features a recording technique called ‘pre- and post- buffered recording’. When an event such as an accident or a high sensitivity motion triggers the camera, it will lock the video to the SD card. The pre- video buffer allows the viewer to see what happened 15-seconds before the event triggered the camera, and the post- video buffer allows the viewer to see what happened 30-seconds after the triggered event. A 45-second video will be available for review after each triggered event.

Essentially, the camera is always recording and processing the data, but only stores the important information.


viofo hk3acc hardwire kit for a119 v3 and a129 duoEven though the camera can be used in parking mode with the cigarette lighter cable, we advise against this. Using the camera without the HK3ACC hardwire kit can lead to battery drainage and in-turn can damage your vehicle’s battery during hot or cold seasons. It is a good idea to only use parking mode with the cigarette lighter cable for short periods of time. It is advisable to install the hardwire kit or power down the camera for prolonged periods of vehicle downtime.

The HK3ACC has built-in features that allow it to monitor and terminate power in the event of a possible battery drainage.