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VIOFO HK3ACC Hardwire Kit for A129 and A119V3

$19.95 CAD

The VIOFO HK3ACC Hardwire Kit

  • Enables Parking Mode Recording for the A129 & A119V3 
  • Provides power monitoring for your vehicle’s battery
  • Terminates power when voltage levels drop below a adjustable value
  • Enables three levels of parking mode recording:
    1. Auto Event Detection Recording
    2. Time-Lapse Recording
    3. Low Bitrate Recording

This kit provides 24-hour surveillance for your parked vehicle. With new state-of-the-art ACC detection features, the dash cam will automatically switch to parking mode recording when the engine is off, and switch back to normal recording when the engine is turned on.

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When the VIOFO HK3ACC Hardwire Kit is installed,  it will monitor the dash camera’s power consumption from your vehicle’s battery and will TERMINATE the power feed if the voltage reaches below a voltage value adjustable (by you) on the side of the module. This is to ensure that your vehicle’s battery has enough power to start– especially in colder temperatures.

The selectable options on the module are: 11.8V, 12V, 12,2V, 12.4V

During periods of downtime when your vehicle’s engine its off (i.e. parked), the ACC Detection Feature of the Hardwire Kit will intuitively switch to Parking Mode Recording. Currently, the HK3ACC supports THREE unique levels of Parking Mode Recording:

  1. PRE-BUFFER RECORDING: This camera provides you with a “buffer” against a lack of knowledge of the true events while parked. Footage is captured both 15-seconds before and 30-seconds after an event.
  2. MOTION & COLLISION DETECTION: The camera’s new intelligent “self-detecting” ability initiates recording in the event of motion and collision events. Files are flagged as important and protected on the SD card for review.
  3. TIME LAPSE & LOW BIT RATE RECORDING: Footage is captured in small segments of recordings while the vehicle is parked. Continuous video is captured in either low frame-per-second rate or 30fps low bitrate (you choose).
* Also compatible with VIOFO A119 V2, S, and PRO series dash camera, but ACC function is incompatible.



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